Cornelis Springer 1817 - 189

Cornelis Springer 1817 - 1891 Description: A 19th century Oil on canvas, Dutch street scene.

Buildings and peddlers, signed on back. According to attached tag on the back, this piece has had a well done professional restoration. Varnished in August, 1990.

Condition: Artwork has had professional restoration as noted on back tag, and varnish done in 1990.

Size 19 1/8” x 25 ½

Framed Size not measured

Acquired from an Estate sale in the early 1990’s in Saint Louis MO., this piece has been hanging in the current owner’s home over 25 years.

367 Trolley Square STE #209

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

1401 Caroline St

Houston Tx

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