Dante Gabriel Rossetti “The Dressmaker” 1828 - 1882

Description: A Watercolor on paper Titled “The Dress Maker”, marked on verso under the

backing (see lower right images) “The Dressmaker” above the name “Alexa Wilding” in the artist’s handwriting written in watercolor and, signed lower right “DGR”. Alexa Wilding was one of the favorite models of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, whom he featured in some of his finest paintings of the later 1860s and 1870s.”

Condition Very well preserved in frame under glass. Frame looks to be original to this piece.

Size 15 ¼” diameter

Framed Size not measured Acquired in late 1990’s from an Estate Sale in Saint Louis MO and has been hanging in the current owners home for the past 20+ years.

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1401 Caroline St

Houston Tx

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