John Frederick Lewis

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

John Frederick Lewis

Description 19th century pencil and watercolor heightened with white on paper to enhance the fine details of the water, mirror and jewels resting on a nearby table. This piece depicts a type of Mediterranean royal with her servants tending to her needs. Here he used the method of applying color with a minute touch on a white ground to produce a glowing jewel-like effect. This piece is estimated circa 1850-1860. This piece is on paper on card back and is unframed. This piece is signed in the lower middle J F Lewis. Condition The condition is very good with very little signs of wear or deterioration, details are very clear as was known of his work in this medium.

Size 19 ½” x 14 ¼”

Framed Size: none

Acquired in about 2004 from a closing antique store in Sarasota FL. from grandson of the elderly owner, assisting her with the closure of her business.

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