Jules-Frédéric Ballavoine

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Jules-Frédéric Ballavoine

Description A highly detailed and colorful oil on canvas of a woman resting on a log on the riverbanks with her parasol nearby. Presented in a nice ornate frame with the artists signature, “J. Ballavoine” in the lower left.

Condition The condition is very good with very little signs of wear or deterioration, colors are vibrant and details are clear. This is a well cared for piece of artwork.

Size 15 ¾” x 11 7/8”

Framed Size: 22” x 18”

Acquired in 2016 from Dr. Mark Jackson, son of the late Terry and Patsy Jackson of St Louis MO. Artwork was part of the family estate sale of the Terry and Patsy Jackson Collection. Dr. Jackson is known to have a large antique collection he began collecting as a young man and has sold pices at auctions.

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