William Herbert Dunton 1878-1936

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

William Herbert Dunton 1878-1936

Description Very Rare Preliminary Concept Sketches (3 total) sent to Zane Grey by his publisher, Harper, for Mr. Greys approval. Watercolor on paper. Inside cover page and back signed W.H.D

Condition The condition is very good to excellent with no signs of wear or deterioration. This piece has been carefully kept in plastic sleeves and the details are very clear as was known of his work

Size 9” x 6” closed (shown open, 2 individual illustrations) Closed on the single drawing. Not Framed

Acquired from Neil Force of Florida about 2006 who purchased it from Romer Zane Grey, eldest son of Zane Grey from the Zane Grey Estate collection, May 1973 in Altadena, CA. Copy of the Original Bill of Sale shown below.

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